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Design and creation of learning resources

We empower people to take ownership over their learning.

We develop and produce the most suitable educational resources for each project across a wide range of formats, including educational guides, web applications, videos and multimedia resources, teaching cases, games and gamification materials. 

We create and offer educational content and communication strategies and branded content to disseminate knowledge and propose valuable learning experiences to schools, staff from organisations, the public, etc.

We create educational content across a wide range of formats,
, accompanied by communication and awareness-raising plans
and strategies to expand their scope.

We collaborate with textbook publishers in the coordination, writing and editing of their teaching materials and educational programming..

We develop resources, experiences and learning programmes focused onformal education, which meet educational curricula criteria and objectives. We also produce educational materials for the unregulated education and training environment (families, leisure spaces, cultural facilities, media, etc.) 

Underlying all this work is our belief that people using our educational resources should take centre stage in their learning process. All our projects are therefore based on rigour and experiential and innovative educational methodologiesthat allow participants to learn through experimentation, construction and collaborative work.

We develop teaching materials for schools and
for unregulated education based on
experiential and innovative educational methodologies.

Below are some examples of our learning resources:

Procés de codisseny de recursos museístics accessibles.
Espai d'aprenentatge amb cursos i activitats per a persones sèniors.
Espai virtual amb propostes de diferents reptes basats en la metodologia tinkering.
Educations resources for the developement of technological projects within L@bs4Opps' social innovation laboratories.
Educació en Economia Social per a l’alumnat d’ESO.
Recursos educatius per a l’aprenentatge integrat de les llengües.
Procés de codisseny de recursos museístics accessibles.
Espai d'aprenentatge amb cursos i activitats per a persones sèniors.

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